Do I require a prescription for this treatment?
Are there any side effects with the treatment?
Do you ship internationally?
What payment methods are available?
How long does the treatment take to work?
What is your return policy?
As these are a dietary supplement and can become contaminated if opened we cannot offer any refunds. We do not accept refunds for a change of mind. In the case that there is an issue with the product please advise us so we may be able to look into your concerns. Synergy Pharmaceuticals use only the best ingredients and have the highest quality manufacturing standards so it would be extremely rare that there is a request for a refund. In the case that customs do not allow the delivery we will notify you immediately to resolve the issue.
Are there any guarantees that this will work for me?
Is this Treatment available anywhere else?
Does this treatment work just as well for oral herpes as it does for genital herpes?
Why doesn’t my Doctor know about this treatment yet?
How can I get in touch with you?
Synergy Pharmaceuticals has adopted an online model and has a customer support team of staff to assist with any questions you may have. This helps to discount the costs of the products to the public. If we had a call centre the number of inbound calls would be unmanageable. However, our customer support staff provide excellent service and will look after you. Please use the contact form on this website or contact us directly at info@cure4herpes.com if you have any questions.
Can I take this treatment while pregnant or breastfeeding?
There is no issue in taking this treatment prior to becoming pregnant. It does not have any effect on the female reproductive system and only boosts a person’s overall health. Once you are pregnant however we suggest you discontinue taking the treatment. While all the ingredients are completely natural, safe and should pose no risk to the foetus there has not been enough research and testing conducted as yet while a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding on the treatment. As such we cannot medically recommend to take the complete treatment in this circumstance.
What is the minimum age for a person to take the treatment?
The minimum recommended age is 9 years old. There has not been sufficient research conducted into the plant based elements on children below this age. For children they may also have trouble with the capsules and if you were to open them and mix them with juice for example the taste is not very palatable.